The Association “POP – support, education, law” was founded in April 2022, as a non-governmental and non-profit organization aiming to achieve goals in the fields of social justice, education, animal welfare, work with children and youth, ecological justice, environmental protection, and social activism.

“POP” was founded by female activists with years of experience in legal counseling and representation, policy-making, research, work with children and youth, informal education, and public advocacy.

We believe that only through joint action and the application of knowledge and experience we have in different areas, we can achieve the goals we strive for, which are:
– Research and promotion of social justice as a principle of social integration;
– Encouragement of individual and social development through the implementation of educational programs based on active learning methods;
– Raising community awareness about the welfare and rights of animals and active support in creating and implementing protection mechanisms;
– Encouraging and developing creative thinking in children through the organization of various programs and the production and distribution of educational materials;
– Empowering young people to take an active role in their own development and the development of society by providing support in realizing their ideas and activities;
– Creation and implementation of activities in the field of preservation, protection, and improvement of the environment, ecological justice, ecological law, and achieving sustainable development goals;
– Improving the awareness and knowledge of social community actors and promoting social activism.

“POP” brings together all those who are guided by the idea that organizing social life in accordance with the principles of justice, equality, and civil liberties is not an unattainable ideal, but a pressing need that implies achieving the same dignity and equal opportunities for life, active social and political participation of each individual, caring for other living beings and the immediate environment.

The founders of the association “POP” are Ivana Milovac, Višnja Nežić, and Tijana Radivojević.